polar bear on wheels

antique growler polar bear on wheels

This outstanding late 19th century toy is a rare gem. Measuring 17.5” long. He is magnificent! Paper mache covered in real fur, possibly rabbit. All four wheels spin and his pull chain growler is working and loud. He has expressive hand blown glass eyes with detailed painting at corners. It is an absolute mystery how this delicate toy made to be pulled around by a child has survived in such fine condition. His paper mache open mouth exposes all of his teeth including four perfectly intact fangs. His ears are made of the animal hide with cardboard in between to help them to stand erect.He has the sweetest tail and such a great face.  I have many more photos and can even record a video if you’d like If you are a collector or top tier Christmas or like to provide exquisite toys to display alongside your antique dolls, this bear is a must have. The much more commonly found French bulldog growlers on wheels have nothing on this late 1800’s masterpiece.I have only come across one other like him and that one sold for $10,800 in 2020. I will gladly provide details for that sale to anyone interested. $10,250 postage paid
Cristina Ponstingel