Hertel Schwab 152 baby

This darling baby doll has the most haunting blue grey eyes that I have ever seen! Measuring 20”, she is practically life sized. Her facial modeling is so lovely in my opinion. She has softly painted brows that frame her breathtaking eyes. Her cheek coloring is that of a just pinched baby. She has deep crevices on the sides of her nose giving her chubby cheeks and even more cherub-like appearance. Her open mouth shows a molded tongue and  4 upper teeth. Her eyes are on their original rocker, but not fixed to the head inside. They are currently held in place by tissue paper, but can easily be re attached. Her wig is a mop of reddish brown mohair piled onto her pate. not to worry though, as she wears a stunning bonnet with the original label from Ye Betty Alden Shoppe Los Angeles. This was a boutique in the heart of L.A. in it’s heyday. Her dress is an antique yellow with brown polka dots and a Peter pan collar trimmed in delicate lace.She desperately needs restringing as she can no longer hold pose. I have propped her up for the photos, but she will need some help of new elastics to be as good as she can be. I have had her in my personal collection for decades and loved her just as she is. $199.00 postage paid within the US

Cristina Ponstingel