blue flow vase

This sweet and low blue flow vase is just darling. Measuring about 3.5” tall and 4.5” wide. I believe it to be Royal Doulton based on the pattern known as Babes in Woods or Blue bonnet babes from the 1920’s. The mark is indecipherable to my eyes.The painting on this draws you in the it’s immense depth. The contrast of light and dark gives the appearance of things being farther away in the distance and some so close. The sweet girl is shown sitting on a log holding her doll while looking down at a frog who has joined them. The finish is brilliant with just one kiln flaw near the opening. Please ask questions you may have as I am not a porcelain expert. I purchased this piece years ago for my personal collection because of it’s immense charm and unusual shape. $89.00 postage paid

Cristina Ponstingel