Strunz bear

This bear is quite a rare treasure to find. Standing 13.5” tall having retained all original pads, five claws on each paw and no loss at all to nose and mouth stitching that is the foundation for his wax one of a kind hand dripped (gutta percha) nose. Ted has a nice hump on his back and those HUGE Strunz feet. Boot button eyes and low set ears give him a tender mouse-like appearance. He will come wearing his vintage sailor collar fastened with an antique mother of pearl & rhinestone brooch. His coat appears to either be tipped in places, but not all. I am not certain if this was just the randomness of the mohair that was used or if there was fading over time. It is harder to see in the photos, but it is there in areas. Ted feels to be kapok and wood wool filled and all joints move freely.mI have only seen one other of these with the wax nose. It gives such character to his face and is a miracle that it has survived for well over a century. I know this is one bear you may not come across again in your lifetime. $1499 postage paid

Cristina Ponstingel