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pair of stockinette dolls

These sweet girls are early stockinette dolls with shoe button eyes.The girl in pink measures slightly over 14” tall. She is as darling as they come. Her simple construction puts her charm over the top! That face, with those beautiful boot button eyes, nose nearly kissed away and simple string mouth pulled taut to accentuate her tiny chin. She comes wearing a full slip, pink jacket and white Swiss dotted , wire framed bonnet. The girl with blue skirt measures 14” with a great impish smile. Her simple nose and mouth are made with drawn thread and he shoe button eyes retain their original hand drawn lashes. Her bonnet is sewn on with the same thread as facial features and has never been removed. Her original dress has a floral print and lace collar. Over top is a blue flannel skirt with paper tag feather stitched on. The tag has the name Ina with a last name that I cannot decipher written in pencil. The shoes are my all time fav! Black velvet Mary Jane’s that give her “ cankles”.🤣 $349.00 postage paid
Cristina Ponstingel